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Logix Insulated Concrete Forms

With the recent price volatility of natural gas and oil and with the predictions of skyrocketing prices to come, are you more concerned with energy efficiency than ever before?

With recent hurricane and tornado disasters, and after decades of blackouts, storms and violent windstorms, are you concerned with household safety and durability than ever before?

Wood-frame construction has not
changed to evolve with our protection needs and energy saving concerns, yesterday's technologies is not the answer for todays problems! LOGIX Insulated Concrete Forms is!

HIGHLY ENERGY EFFICIENT - The Logix foam walls provides a thermal resistance rating of R24, along with thermal mass of concrete Logix walls deliver a much higher almost twice the value in performance.

STRENGTH AND SAFETY - Logix walls are 8.5 times stronger than conventionally framed buildings, also poses a three hour fire rating opposed to 15 minutes for comparable wood frame wall.

SUPERIOR SOUND INSULATION - Logix wall can easily achieve a sound classification of STC50 or better, twice that of wood framed wall.

HIGHLY MOISTURE RESISTANT - Logix walls don't require a vapour barrier, improved air quality and tightness of the envelope eliminates the studs and cavities that can hold moisture causing mildew and mold growth.

ENVIROMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Buildings construction with Logix are design to last centuries not decades,Logix ICF walls conserve natural forest and their energy efficiency reduces fuel consumption, to promote a gree building practice.