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Legalett Hot Air Slabs

Legalett supplies air-heated floors for residential, retirement homes, schools, daycare facilites, churches, commercial and industrial buildings.

This engineered styrofoam/concrete slab foundation can be used anywhere for any design.

It also can be used in areas that are wet or have had backfill dumped, unstable grounds where peirs or expensive pilasters may have been your only option. We can eliminate that costly expenditure and supply a warm healthy solid floor for your project.


Warm air is recirculated through a closed loop piping system from a heater cast in the floor slab. The building envelope is completely insulated.

Legalett uses expanded polystyrene as a stay-in-place-formwork and under-floor insulation. Legalett creates a warm floor and house, while promoting a healthier home for your family, by eliminating moisture, mold and mildew while the closed loop system does not allow dust to be circulated in the house like regular duct work from a furnace would.